Google Has Amazing Plans

Google is just coming into the market in my area with their high-speed Internet cable service. They have large plans for the future.


Photo by Robert Scoble

From, January 28, 2015:Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, claims that the internet will soon disappear. Although it is a remarkable phrase, it is even more remarkable to hear it from a Google top exec. Nevertheless, Schmidt sees things very clearly. He feels the end of the internet is in sight, at least, the internet the way we know it.

The Google top exec stated these things during the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, but what exactly does he mean by saying that the internet (as we know it) will disappear? Well, Schmidt says the internet will become a part of every aspect of our lives. The internet will be connected to every object and device that we use.

This Is How Google Is Positioning Itself

There will be so many ip addresses, so many machines and devices, that we will not even realize that they are all connected. It will become a part of everything you do, throughout the whole day. ‘Going online’ is something that will entirely disappear.

Google is positioning itself as a large player in a new era we should be expecting. The internet search giant recently invested 1 billion dollars in Elon Musk’s SpaceX. With Google’s money, areas where internet does not work properly could be serviced via satellites. <More>

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