Ukraine Heats Up

Peter’s Commentary

I don’t care whether it’s Russia or America that is the aggressor, I just wish we could all calm down about the Ukrainian situation. The last thing I want to see is a”hot” Cold War.

Russian Tank T-90S

Russian Tank T-90S
Photo by Dmitry Terekhov

US Considering Sending Lethal Arms

The New York Times reported on Monday that the United States is considering supplying arms and equipment to the Ukrainian Army. This is due to increasing conflict in the southeast of Ukraine.

Barack Obama has not yet made a decision to supply lethal arms to Kiev. However high-ranking US officials support the move.

Up till now, all aid supplied to the Ukraine has been what is termed, non-lethal, comprising items such as body armor and first aid kits.

Russia Supplying Heavy Weapons

Western officials state that recently Russia has been supplying a large number of heavy weapons to support the separatists in eastern Ukraine. These weapons have included T 72 and T 80 tanks, artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and armored personnel carriers.

Things look like they could get hot ever so easily. And by “hot”, I mean go nuclear.

Gorbachev Warns Of Nuclear War

In early January, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the 1990 Nobel peace prize winner, expressed major concern that the Ukraine crisis could result in a major conflict.

In a Der┬áSpiegel news magazine interview, Gorbachev stated “we won’t survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation. This is not something I’m saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned”.


This is adding to geopolitical tensions and obviously helps to keep a bid under the gold price. Hopefully, and I really do hope, this situation can be de-escalated. I have children that I want to see living happily in a peaceful world.



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