Cease-Fire Agreed Over Ukraine

Peter’s Commentary:

A cease-fire agreement over eastern Ukraine has at last been worked out. It took more than 18 hours of nonstop negotiation. Ukraine’s Poroshenko, Russia’s Putin, Germany’s Merkel and Francois Hollande agreed to a truce that starts at 12 AM on February 15.

The US was notably absent from the negotiations.

Due to other cease-fires not working in the past, there are doubts as to the success of this one.

Cease Fire

Photo by WlnogradWatchdog

“What we’ve reached now gives us more hope than if we hadn’t agreed on anything,” Angela Merkel told reporters. “We don’t have any illusions that a lot of work is still required but there’s a real chance for things to take a turn for the better.”

A military spokesman ,Andriy Lysenko, gave a briefing in Kiev. He stated that 50 tanks, 40 rocket launchers and 40 armored personnel carriers had crossed the border from Russia overnight. The Army stated that two Ukrainian servicemen have been killed since yesterday.

Putin told reporters, despite all the difficulties of the negotiating process “We managed to agree on the main things. I call on both sides in the conflict to stop the bloodshed as quickly as possible and move to a genuine process of long-term political settlement.” <Source>

“The main thing which has been achieved is that from Saturday into Sunday there should be declared without any conditions at all, a general ceasefire,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told journalists. <Source>


Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine agreeing to a cease-fire is very positive. However, I am concerned that the US was not present at the negotiations. Perhaps the strategy was for the US to apply pressure in the background and not be present at the negotiating table.

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