Iraq Situation Report, February 14 – 16

Peter’s Commentary:

Here’s the latest Iraq Situation from It details fighting and skirmishes that have occurred in Baghdad and north of Baghdad.  Major clashes are marked by red asterisks on the map.

On February 15, ISIS executed 15 Peshmerga members they had captured previously.

The situation in Baghdadi, (250 miles west of Baghdad), remains unclear; this is particularly so given statements by commander of the IP in Baghdadi.

Colonel Qasim al-Obeidi describes the situation as “dire” and denies reports of reinforcements arriving.

Obeidi called for the Shi’a religious establishment to “intervene” and “save the residents” and also called for “Gulf states” to send “urgent aid.”

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Iraq Situation Report Feb 14 - 16

Iraq Situation Report Feb 14 – 16
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