$52k Gold Theft From Safe In Garage

Peter’s Commentary

Do you keep your valuables in a safe?

You might want to reconsider after reading what happened to a songwriter in Hollywood…

Not So Safe

Not So Safe
Photo by Wonderferret

From NBC Los Angeles, March 17, 2015:

Thieves made off with about $52,000 worth of gold and other valuables after breaking into a safe at the Hollywood home of songwriter to the stars Toby Gad.

A safe inside the chart-topper’s multi-million dollar mansion in the 3500 block of Wonder View Drive was raided while it underwent remodeling work. His wife Li Fan reported the theft on Monday, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Grammy winner Gad, who has written songs for the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and Robin Thicke, said he was convinced his precious items were safe, despite being away from the home for two weeks.

Unfortunately, it is easier than you’d think to pry open some safes. Toby Gad kept 40 oz of gold in his safe. But he had left it alone in the garage while people were working at his house for two weeks. <More>

Precautions that could be taken

1. Bolt safe to floor (This only hinders a theft by stopping or slowing down thieves from removing the safe)

2. Cover with cloth, so that it does not look like a safe. (Camouflage).

3. Better yet, build a wooden cupboard around it, so no one suspects that it is a safe. (less likely to be opened)

4. Only keep a fraction of your gold in any one particular spot.(The amount that you are prepared to lose). Find additional hiding places for the rest of your stash.

5. Other suggested places for portions of your stash: fake electrical outlets, air ducts, bury in a pot plant, etc.

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