Apple’s Huge Cash Hoard

And to think that Apple started with this: From ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden, January 27, 2014 With $178 billion in cash... ... Apple - which is the largest company in the world with market cap of over $660 billion - has a greater cash hoard than the market cap of all but 17 S&P 500 companies. The table below shows Apple's cash holdings in selected S&P500 market cap … [Read more...]

Gold : Oil Ratio…Highest Ever!

The gold:oil ratio is currently 28.57. That's the highest the ratio has been in the last 20 years. That's as far back as my data goes. Take a look at this chart and you see that it only spikes to these high levels. Underneath I have provided both the gold chart and the oil chart. Inspection of these charts shows that the main reason for the ratio to decrease is due to an increase in … [Read more...]

Schlumberger Fires 9000; Baker Hughes 7000

As predicted in a previous post here, America's oil industry is laying off thousands and thousands of workers. From ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden, January 20, 2014: Another day, another unambiguously bad announcement from America's battered energy sector which is bolting down ahead of the crude storm, and firing thousands. Last week it was Schlumberger which announced it would fire 9000, … [Read more...]

24 Year Lowest Growth Rate For China

China's growth rate has sunk to a 24 year low at 7.4%, announced the National Bureau of Statistics yesterday. From, Will Morrow, January 21, 2015: "The announcement further punctures the illusion that China will provide a driver for world economic growth in 2015 and beyond. The country is being drawn into the deepening crisis produced by the global breakdown of capitalism … [Read more...]

Expect 100,000’s Of US Oil Industry Layoffs

"Demand for rigs is falling off a cliff." If oil prices stay low for a considerable time, expect massive layoffs within the US oil industry. From, Gabriel Black, January 15, 2015: The precipitous drop in the price of oil has prompted oil companies to prepare mass layoffs in 2015 as sections of the industry become unprofitable. According to a variety of sources, hundreds of … [Read more...]

Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s Close Stores, Layoff Thousands

Christmas is over. Sears  closed a store near me last week. It's part of their plan to close 235 poorly performing stores. JC Penney is closing 39 stores and laying off 2250 workers. Macy's are closing 14 stores and could end up cutting 2200 employees. From USA Today: Penney's company media relations manager, Sarah Holland says "We continually evaluate our store portfolio to … [Read more...]

50% North Dakota’s Shale Below Breakeven

ZeroHedge recently reported that half of North Dakota's shale regions are operating below breakeven. From ZeroHedge, January 10, 2015, Tyler Durden: While talking heads and TV personalities reassure the investing public that low oil prices are "unambiguously awesome" for everyone, it seems the cracks in this narrative are starting to show. From falling wages, surging job cuts, plunging rig … [Read more...]

$500 Billion Trade Between China and Latin America

The USA is becoming more and more isolated. China and Latin America have set goals for bilateral trade to reach $500 billion over the next 10 years. From China Daily, January 9, 2014 The Chinese President "made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the first ministerial meeting of the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)." He said China's direct … [Read more...]

World-Wide Margin Call

Peter's Commentary: Bill Holter warns about a Global Margin call occurring: - And you must keep in mind the investment outlook for 2015 from Bill Gross, which I've also posted up here. From the Miles Franklin Blog, Bill Holter, January 8, 2015 Unprecedented Volatility We have seen unprecedented volatility over the last 2 months, in particular the last 3 weeks. This is highly unusual as … [Read more...]

Bill Gross Warns Good Times Are Over

Peter's Commentary And now Bill Gross warns about returns for most asset classes being negative for this year: From Bill Gross, Janus Capital Group, January 6, 2015 A January Investment Outlook should normally be filled with recommended “do’s and don’ts,” “picks and pans” and December 31, 2015, forecasts for interest rates and risk assets. I shall do all of that as usual when I travel to … [Read more...]