Fearing a Grexit, Greeks Buy Gold

Peter's Commentary: This is why gold has been money for over 5000 years, whatever Bernanke says. When you're worried about your own currency, you buy gold as insurance. Greeks Buy Gold Again From ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden, February 9, 2015 It never fails: Every time redenomination risks and the specter of the (New) Drachma rear its ugly heads, Greeks, like dutiful Austrian economists, … [Read more...]

Dollar Accelerates…Stuff Hitting The Fan

The dollar is accelerating in strength rapidly. Why? Several financial events rapidly come to mind. The falling oil price, the collapsing Ruble, and of course the most recent, the Swiss franc becoming de-pegged from the Euro. From zero hedge and Phoenix Dapital Research on January 26, 2015 "The world carry trade for US Dollars is over $9 trillion. "In today’s world of monetary … [Read more...]