Spare US Dollars

Peter's Commentary China has accumulated a large amount of US Dollars, almost $4 trillion. This article provides a "heads-up" about what China is doing to try to diminish its pile of dollars. From, Alasdair Macleod, December 12, 2014 Last week I wrote that contrary to the prevailing mood US dollar strength could reverse at any time. This week I look at another aspect of … [Read more...]

De-Dollarization Continues – Argentina and China agree to Currency Swap

Peter's Commentary There is a large trend towards US de-dollarization occurring. More and more countries are bypassing the dollar. Argentina has just agreed with China's central bank to receive the first tranche of a multi billion currency swap before the end of this year. According to Reuters: The swap will allow¬†Argentina¬†to bolster its foreign reserves or pay for Chinese imports … [Read more...]