3 Possible Outcomes For Greece

Peter's Commentary: Three possible outcomes for the Greek situation... From ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden, and Bloomberg, Vassilis Karamanis, February 17, 2015: When it comes to trading the possibility of a Grexit, Bloomberg strategist Vassilis Karamanis writes,that there are three possible outcomes. Scenario 1: Greece exits the euro Probability of Grexit is now increased to 50% … [Read more...]

How and Why Greece is Bluffing

Are the Greeks really going to do a Grexit (Greek Exit)? I've read several news stories in the last three days about Greece leaving the euro. Also about Russia being prepared to consider lending funds to Greece if asked to do so. However this story makes the most sense. From Sproutmoney.com, February 1. 2015: The new left-wing government hasn’t wasted any time and at a press … [Read more...]

Gold and Swiss National Bank De-Peg

The Swiss franc was unilaterally de-pegged from the euro last week causing major market upheaval and financial stress to multiple firms. From Sproutmoney, 22 January, 2015: "The historically ‘neutral’ Switzerland, a safe haven for large capital, is now a victim of the worldwide currency war. While almost every central bank across the globe is trying to devalue its currency, the … [Read more...]

Futures Scorecard for 2014

The scorecard for futures for 2014:- Important Futures That Have Risen The US dollar is up 13.4%, 30 year bonds are up 12.3%, the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones industrial index are up 12% and 8.2% respectively. See the charts below: US Dollar Up % 13.4% The US dollar has performed the best of the 31 major currencies this year. Even though the US does have serious problems, like its an … [Read more...]