Gold and Swiss National Bank De-Peg

The Swiss franc was unilaterally de-pegged from the euro last week causing major market upheaval and financial stress to multiple firms. From Sproutmoney, 22 January, 2015: "The historically ‘neutral’ Switzerland, a safe haven for large capital, is now a victim of the worldwide currency war. While almost every central bank across the globe is trying to devalue its currency, the … [Read more...]

Volatility Increases Big Time

Major volatility ensued when the Swiss National Bank removed the peg to the Euro without any notice. Up till the day they took this action, the SNB made it clear it was an integral part of their monetary policy...until it wasn't. This action has had major consequences, some already out in the open, others still to come. Hedge funds have had to close down. Financial firms have taken major … [Read more...]